As an indie author, I understand the struggle to produce a polished manuscript without going bankrupt due to the necessary steps involved in making it as perfect as possible. This is why I would like to offer my professional services at reasonable rates to those who would be interested. I can provide you with samples using a chapter or two of your own work before you make a decision to use my services.

If your work contains a large amount of technical terminology or other devices that would require a very specific type of editing, I am probably not a good fit for you. However, if you are writing a novel that needs standard copy editing, I can offer very reasonable rates to help you on your way to a finished product that you will be proud to publish. I recommend that you do your own initial proofreading before submitting it for editing in order to avoid more extensive (therefore, more expensive!) work on my part. It is not my desire or design to overcharge or manipulate the work involved on any manuscript. If you wish to compare my rates with the average copy editing service, take a look at this chart that shows the industry standards. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t come close to affording those kind of rates in my current position as a newly published author.

The only services I provide at this time are basic and heavy copy editing, depending on how much work your manuscript needs. If you are unhappy with the sample I provide or the rates I’m offering, no further contract is necessary and no hard feelings 🙂


Basic Copy Editing — $20 per hour

Heavy Copy Editing — $25 per hour

Fill out the form for more information about my services. Select “Editing Services” from the Subject drop-down menu. Please be sure to include detailed information about the breadth and scope of your project, as well as other identifiers such as genre, reading level, etc.

I look forward to working with you.


Lisa M. Green, Copy Editor
Trident Publishing